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36 seeks to amend california law to provide that a life sentence should not be imposed for a third felony conviction unless it is for a serious or violent felony, and what is your position. >> i spent a lot of time my ten years in legislation working on criminal justice reform to make sure that we have saner drug laws and we don't see the spending grow from 5.2 to over ten percent surpassing the amount that we spend on higher education as a completely wrong track that we are on. thanks to corn brown we have turned the corner and with realignment we will be reducing that percentage of funding on the criminal justice so that we can spend it on education which is the best crime preventive tool known to human kind. i am a strong supporter of prop 36 and i supported the earlier version in 2004 when only because of wise that arnold schwarzenegger said in a television commercial that it was mathematically impossible and factually inaccurate and he said it on television and we saw the support go from 65 percent down to 48 percent in two weeks. it is currently polling in the 60s, i hope tha
in state of california. that fact is no stranger to people here on the panel. it doesn't take much to fan hot, dry vegetation that has been soaking in that hot sun. when i say soaking, it means it gets the moisture level so low where it's kindling in the forest. you have more people moving in, more vegetation growing, it's a recipe for nature trying to do its thing and people in the way. so with this, it takes a lot of support whether we're talking about the fire lines, behind the fire lines or been above the fire lines to provide that support. it takes a whole mix of people whether it's the department of defense and even fema having roles to play in that. bob fenton, the assistant chief of fema, used to be the division chief in division 9. he is no stranger to this area, born and raised here, this is his home and so he does have a care and an interest in this community and beyond. and so with that it is hard to fill being his replacement at the regional level because not only to fill his shoes all the great work he did in this region, but also because when you see the size difference
companies and created 450 jobs in the city and making san francisco the solar capitol of california. when people were losing their homes here in san francisco in call, there is plenty of talk and discussion about what to do, we commissioned the first report of its kind to make sure that there were facts behind the dialogue, and because of those facts that came out in our report, looking at foreclosures, finding fraud and finding inappropriate activities that happened by the lenders, action was taken and the home owner's bill of rights and i was proud to be one of the co-sponsors of the piece of legislation in the state. when people talk about fixing education, i first and foremost have that personal experience going into the public schools and going to uc berkeley and seeing my daughter attend a kindergarten every day. and i can tell you that there is no more important issue in our state than education and what we are doing. we need to make sure that it is a priority and it is getting funded and we can't continue to fund higher ed at the same level of that question was being funded and we
authorizing recreation and parks to accept and expand habitation grant in amount of 163,587 from california department of parks and recreation for glen canyon loopside project. >> thank you, we have lisa wayne. >> tony moran, the grant manager. i will present the grant. i'm here to present to accept and expend habitat conservation fund grant for glen canyon creek side loop trail. also to authorize director of real estate to file a memorandum of unrecorded grant agreement on the trail portion of the park. the glen canyon creekside trail is part of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood park bond trail program. the intention of the 2008 park bond is to leverage bond funds to secure additional grant funding. this grant is one of three that will provide additional funding to trail projects identified in the 2008 bond. in 2010 and 2011 the recreation park department and trust republic land held a series of meetings regarding improvements to glen canyon park. this project is the as a result of that public process. the content plan for the glen canyon trail system, which includes creek side trail lo
prepared to respond in an attack mode. i don't often work with chief chaney in southern california, about a month ago we had 9 aircraft at our peak working fires throughout northern california if that answers your question. >> any other responses? >> i wanted to touch -- can you hear me now? i wanted to touch on that last topic as far as the command control because what we have here in the marine corps is similar to the navy. we have the installation, the regional installation command and also partners with the operational foresite. we allow the operational foresight, we maintain those but then we coordinate, cooperate, with the operational foresight once the call comes in for support. so we're able to do that obviously through memorandum of understandings and we have agreements and our wing operating orders allow for the fact the operational control, at least under operational response, maintains with the operators. the third aircraft wing maintains operational control but we send our operatives out to be controlled by the civic sight. we're comfortable with that and that's m
. >>> and, finally, it was quite a sight in california when a 12,000 pound potato sculpture rolled in on an 18-foot fork in the road. it was a photo op, part of the idaho commission's 75th anniversary celebration. it was to promote an upcoming food drive. >>> here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with your forecast. >> you're a good cook. >> i enjoy cook sglg have you ever perfected a twice-baked potato? >> oh, yeah. it takes a lot of time. >> not just throw it in the microwave. a little more than that? a little above my game. >>> yesterday was another hot day in southern california, l.a. 91 degrees, phoenix at 93. it's been like summertime through southern california and desert southwest. it continues for one or two more days and then it will cool off. the cool air moved lieu the northern rockies. now it's heading through the middle of the country. not bad yesterday, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. this morning the areas are down in the 30s and 40s. at 43 in medford. most areas in the 40s, but towards spoke cane in the 30s this morning. vegas and l.a., still holding on to the war
prevent serious cuts to our schools. it's supported not only by the california teachers association, but the california federation of teachers and many, many different groups from the california school board associations to others and our board of education supports both. prop 38 is our children and our future local schools and bond debt reduction act. it would actually support early childhood education that prop 30 does not and it's also an important measure. i think if both of them passed what would happen it would be worked out that we wouldn't be double taxed, but we would find the different compromises kinds of both work for our schools. the groups that support both measures is tom torlakson and california retired teachers associations and san francisco examiner and i urge support for both measures. supervisor wiener. >> thank you so supervisor mar for bringing this forward. i was surprised that we could take positions on ballot measures, but i was told by the city attorney that we were able to do so. i would make a motion to amend and add a second resolve that states further
with the state of california's report suggesting that 8 million wouldn't be enough to get a plan done. so if you could just address those two points that have come up. >> sure, let me start -- again, go to the report it says again 7 million is what's needed for san francisco to engage in the planning process. the larger amount is if we bring in the park service and the state of california, which at this point we don't need to do, we just need the san francisco public utilities commission to get off their butts and start to think about the future more effectively. this really boils down it a 21st century versus the 20th century view of water. sean says our future is secure. it isn't. anyone who thinks our future water supply is going to be coming from the tuolome river is crazy. the one thing we know about climate change is we have to change our water sources. again, we don't recycle any water. we're going to start importing water from daly city next week. we have some plans on the books to do 4 million gals by 2035. that's a fraction. the san francisco business times recbltly said san fr
of people trained to do these things are. the california national guard has air and land assets that are substantial and can be rapidly deployed to assist the vil responders in their mission to move people, to get things set up, to establish common security. it's a partnership that really needs to happen and is natural. the governor controls the california national guard, he can make forces appear very rapidly in support of a regional disaster, a local emergency or wherever they are needed, and transportation, communication, security logistics capabilities that come to the table really augment the medical care that's being provided in the disaster scene. >> like colonel ingels, i was impressed by the robust, defined chain of command and a large response capable of being produced. however, in an overwhelming disaster things don't always go as planned and certainly our experiences in combat has showed us there and prior experience with disasters have outlined that even though there's a well-defined system of response it doesn't always work out. what i defined yesterday was that l
, executive director of california utilities emergency association. next to him is david brig, regional and local water system manager for the san francisco public utilities commission and finally but not least, romel an jell lus, manager for san francisco wireless. i have drafted several questions for our panel to answer and will hopefully have time at the end to take questions from the audience. before we start our panel discussion, i wanted it share with you what we are doing in san francisco to advance our lifeline's resilence we are the first major u.s. city to (inaudible) post katrina where he saw firsthand where a critical role these systems played in the city's recovery. i am honored to chair the council because i feel it's crucial that the public sector work side by side with our private sector partners to do everything we can today to ensure we will meet the needs of our residents in the days, weeks and years after a disaster. the objective of the lifeline council are to develop and improve collaboration in the city and county across regions regularly -- to develop and impro
woman says she has the solution to california's education funding problem. how she is taking on the governor and why some say her way would do more harm than good. >> oracles towering that is expected to defend the america's cup is in pieces tonight and being towed back to port after it capsized in the churning wats ofsan francisco bay this afternoon. healther holmes has been tracking the effort to retrieve the boat. she's live at pier 80. you spoke to the skipper who was on board when that capsized. >> some very scary moments for the skipper and his crew. his team today did something he never thought it would do, capsize a massive ac 72. this is a devastating blow. he's still predicting an america's cup victory. rattled but not defeated, oracle team usa skipper talked about the spectacular flip the cat ma ran took in san francisco bay this afternoon. >> we nose dived and capsized the boat. we done the exact same turn previously. >> reporter: the support boat attempted to retrieve the vessel. >> there was a very big tide today. quickly took us out under the bridge and offshor
up tonight at 10:45, one woman says she has the solution to california's education funding problem. how she is taking on the governor and why some say her way would do more harm than good. >> oracles towering that is expected to defend the america's cup is in pieces tonight and being towed back to port after it capsized in the churning waters of san francisco bay this afternoon. healther holmes has been tracking the effort to retrieve the boat. she's live at pier 80. you spoke to the skipper who was on board when that capsized. >> some very scary moments for the skipper and his crew. his team today did something he never thought it would do, capsize a massive ac 72. this is a devastating blow. he's still predicting an america's cup victory. rattled but not defeated, oracle team usa skipper talked about the spectacular flip the cat ma ran took in san francisco bay this afternoon. >> we nose dived and capsized the boat. we done the exact same turn previously. >> reporter: the support boat attempted to retrieve the vessel. >> there was a very big tide today. quickly took us out under
, pero la educación de california ve tiempos mejores . >> vemos clases de 700 estudiantes, tengo otra clase . >> las quejas son muy comunes, en la universidad estatal de san francisco hay muchos estudiantes y menos dinero, el gobernador de california tiene una solución, impulsa la ley 30, que le daria 6 mil millone de dólares a escuelas estatales. >> hablamos de cortar programas , profesores yo no me imagino cómo sería sin para proposición . >> aumentando durante siete los iimpuestos a qne sganen más de 200 mil dólares . >> gasttan demasiado en cosas innecesarias y no en estudiantes, siempre salen con el ceunto para no proteger la escuelas, es para proteger la mala administración de california . >> la porposicion 38 asigna también fondos para la educación, pero mucha escuelas no les gusta porque el dinero llega tarde para evitar recortes ,las que consigue más votos prevalece . >> afgectará el destino de los jóvenes que van a votar . >> no, no somos , es de san francisco . >> estatal . >> los agarró despistadas ,otra vez la gobernador de arinzona arremete contra los indoc
, imagine un salón de clases , en california los problemas de la educación son más, el demócrata dice tener la solución, la última palabra la tiene el electorao . >> con edificiso modernos, es difícil ver a simple vista pero la educación pública en california conoce tiempos mejores . >> tenemos clases que son de 700 estudiantes, tengo clases que son de 55 y pico estudiantes. >> las quejas de mónica son comunes, en la universidad de san francisco hay menos dineros para educar, el gobernador de california tiene una solución, jerry brown impulsa la ley 30, que daria millnoes a la escuela, educadores dicen necesitar los fondos . >>e stamos hablando de unos presupuestos de crisis, de cortar programas, profesores, de por si estamos enseñamndo, me imagino si no pasará . >> la proposición 30 reunirá el dinero, aumentando durante 7 los impuestos a quienes ganan más, por supuesto la idea tiene criticos . >> gastan demasaidos en cosas innecesarias y no en la educación, es para cubrir la mala administración . >> la proposición 30 no es la única, la 38 signa fondos para la educación, m
% of california voters surveyed for our exclusive eyewitness news poll say the president was a clear winner tonight and part of the reason, they say the president was engaged and seemed better prepared than before. it was his performance that set the tone, but governor romney did not let him get away with it. >> very little of what romney said was true. >> we saw a more aggressive president out of the gate. a different mr. obama. >> you stood in front of a coal plant and pointed at it and said, this plant kills. and took great pride in shutting it down. now suddenly, you are a champion of coal. >> have you looked at your pension? >> i have to say. >> mr. president, have you looked at your pension? >> you know, i don't look at my pension, it's not as big as yours, so it doesn't take as long. >> governor romney was prepared. >> my priority is jobbed. we can't afford four more years like the last four years. what i can do is it's more attracted to come to america. we don't have to live like this. we can get this economy going again. >> what was very different in round two, the tone wa
every voter in the state. >> the eyes of the nation were on california in 1911, when we all voted. it was the sixth and largest state in the nation to approve this. one decade later, we have full voting rights in the united states. helping newly enfranchised women a new political movement was founded. >> starting in the 1920's, it was a movement createdto getting the right to vote. all of the suffragettes were interested in educating the new ters. >>non-partisan, not endorsing andidates >> -- endorsing candidates, getting the right to vote and one they have their voice heard. >> the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage is taking place throughout the state. bancroft library is having an exhibit that highlights the women's suffrage movement, chronicling what happened in california, bringing women the right to vote. >> how long does this mean going on? >> the week of the 20th. people do not realize that women were allowed to vote as early as the 1920's. in the library collection we have a manuscript from the end of december, possibly longer. >> in commemoration of 100 years of votin
years ago, women were given the vote in california. the battle for women's suffrage was not an easy one. it took more than 70 years. a woman could run for president in new york. >> organizing this conference, basically it modeled itself on a declaration of independence for women. it marked the beginning of the women's equality movement in the united states. >> at that time, women were banned from holding property and voting in elections. >> susan b. anthony dedicated her life to reform. >> suffrage in the middle of the 19th century accomplished one goal, it was diametrically opposed to this idea. >> many feared it would be corrupted by politics. >> women in the 19th century had to convince male voters that having the vote would not change anything. that woman would still be devoted to the home, the family, that they would remain pure and innocent, that having the vote would not corrupt them. >> support gradually grew in state and local campaigns. >> leaders like ellen clark sgt come repeatedly stopping these meetings -- , repeatedly stopping these meetings as a politically active figure
sf rec and park. a great way to get out and play. >> for more information, >> when the new california academy of sciences opened in 2008, it quickly became one of the top tourist magnets in the city. part of the cal academies' astronomical success is the weekly nightlife party. >> i am joined by helen, who is here to school me on all the nocturnal activities that are getting ready to take place here. tell us a little about what we can expect to see at nightlife. >> we open up the doors every thursday night at the california academy of sciences. there are certain things you can see every week you can go to the museum, visit the planetarium, and we bring in bars and a deejay or band. it is a different feel from during the day, something different every week. tonight , we have beer and music. -- tonight we have great beer and music. it is beer week. we have a dozen local brewers in african hall. we have a deejays to set up throughout the museum and a live performance at 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> what has been your favorite part as a participant or as an observer? >> my favorite part is to wa
. when earl warren was the attorney general and then the governor of california, he was a conservative republican. in fact, he was one of those about in tearing japanese americans during the war. -- about treating the japanese americans one way during the war. there are a number of republicans in the book. in fact, in the early it 20th century -- the early 20th century, there were a few, the governor of california, and even fewer roosevelt, who has an ambiguous record. -- even theodore roosevelt, who has an empire -- -- an ambiguous record. there are people who kept it alive, like earl warren, who had a change of heart. tavis: let me ask you anyway, because i want to be fair to both sides. paul ryan, and there are those things that people say about him. lambasting his plan. but he, more than romney, more than obama, more than biden talks about the issue of poverty. he gave an entire speech about poverty in america. he has in his own way of dealing with the issue -- he has his own way of dealing with the issue. i wonder whether or not there is something to appeal specifically to him abo
several incidents in the last couple years of real world experience. most recent was the california, the wildland firefighting that we took part. we actually initiated our first ira, immediate response assistance, for 72 hours where we called up one of our helicopter squadron in southern california to fight the fires. so, for us, again, that common operating picture, that's a recurring term that several people on different panels today have used, but that is the king for us. it's our situational awareness. it's what allows us to turn the volumes of information into those nuggets of actionable knowledge that we really need in order to support those that need our assistance. >> okay. over the last eight hours, however long we've been here, we've heard quite a bit about new skill development, and learning about new capabilities, but didn't hear the word sustainment of skills mentioned, which also becomes important. would anyone on the panel care to comment on how you wrap that into the system that we are -- we've embarked on here in the exercise arena with fleet week? >> whenever you s
in california. several environmental groups filed a lawsuit today, suing state regulators over the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing. the lawsuit claims the division of oil, gas, and geothermal resources failed to properly evaluate the risks of fracking, which the california environmental quality act requires. as it stands today, california does not regulate fracking. nbc bay area investigative reporter stephen stock talked with the state's top regulator who admits california dropped the ball on fracking regulation. and you can see that exclusive interview tomorrow at 6:00 and 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >>> a bizarre crime in contra costa county. someone posing as a cop kidnapped a day laborer. authority says the suspect hired the worker outside of a home improvement store, and then held him captive inside a of a lafayette home. the worker managed to escape to a nearby home where the neighbor called police. the suspect is 51-year-old todd morton. he was working as a caretaker at the home. they say after the day laborer finished his work, morton falsely identified himself as a polic
the president a 7-point edge for the debate he fared better in democratic california. 56% said the president won. 32% felt romney won. 12% called it a draw. the poll was conducted by surveyusa exclusively for eyewitness news. be sure to check out exclusive presidential forum on every day the candidates weigh in on a different issue. >>> hundreds of people gathered at san francisco's city hall to honor the life of ambassador chris stevens. he was killed last month in an attack on the libya embassy in benghazi. among the mourners were dianne feinstein and ed lee. his sister eulogized him. >> i saw the middle east through chris' wide eyes. >> friends say he was a good diplomat because he was interested in the lives of the libyans. during the service the libyan ambassador to the u.s. expressed regret his government couldn't protect the american envoy. stevens was a graduate of piedmont high school and berkeley. >> no tears, just a lot of laughter. his two sisters are both doctors. his brother is an attorney. they all spoke and so did george schultz the former secretary of state. he is 92
authorizing the mayor's office of housing to accept and expend 2011 calhome grant for the california department of housing and community development in a total amount of 1 million 500 thousand dollars and to expend program income from associated loan repayments to assist the low-income first-time home buyers and low-income home owners. er >> yes, good morning, teresa, mayor's office of housing, the resolution is to accept and expend 1.5 million as calhome state financing, we'll be using the program to assist with home buyer's payment assistance as well as doing rehabilitation for owner occupied units, this is our fifth allocation of calhome founds, its's an example of how we're using state financing in a very successful way. >> on this item, do we have a budget analyst report? >> no, we don't. >> any question fwrs the committee, if not, let's go to public comment for this item? are there any members of the public who wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. okay, we have a motion by supervisor avalos, with recommendation we'll forward it, thank you, item 4 h
to prove people. >> now, california public utilities commission is under fire once again for consumer advocates and san bruno city officials. >> the group upset with the state p.u.c. for naming george mitchell as a mediator. this is just to determine the fine pg&e must pay for the deadly explosion two years ago. the group accuses the commission of only consulting with pg&e on the mediator concerned the law firm represented other utilitis.. >> pg&e on this decision and we were kept in the dark. needless to say we have little confidence that will be a fair mediation process. >> the state p.u.c. was recently criticized for suspending a public hearing on the penalty phase to allow closed door negotiations. >> on san francisco water front it took hours of work. crews have pulled out that broken $10 million yacht and gotten it out of the water it was pulled out just a short time ago. it flipped over yesterday afternoon. >> divers moved around the ac 72. team ussa's massive catta marchan. >> i'd call it destroyed. i mean... it's in several pieces and a lot of it is gone. >> the technician is
an alliance with the business community. one of the biggest champions is that california chamber of commerce. we know it is good for business. and please, organized with the neighborhood bars. there are so many great neighborhood bars in this city that could add that neighborhood element to political organizing. and when you are a district supervisor, it is one thing to have nightclub owners come to you. it is another thing to have neighborhood business owners like bar owners coming to you. we need to organize as a bar owner and that will move us in a positive direction. i am optimistic about the future of night life in this city. i think we have turned a corner. there's a broader and broader consensus that this matters for the broader culture of san francisco. thank you. [applause] for many years, the entertainment commission -- >> for many years, the entertainment commission, which has been under the auspices of the city was guided by ed lee. he is now the mayor san francisco. he was going to be here today, but was called away. but he sent paul anderson to deliver a message. [applause] >>
of california, and the united states as well. i'm required to do so in a completely even-handed manner. i do so with no problem and with all the love in my heart. that being said, it would be ridiculous, disingenuous and completely unhelpful not to realize that certain segments within our population here in san francisco need help more than others. it would be absolutely preposterous for me to sit up here and tell you that we're going to approach polices of economic advantagement in an even-handed manner. that would do a disservice to and again, we are a weaker city if we allow certain segments of you are population to essentially rot. we're a stronger, vibrant and more resilient city if we address the issues of those least among us, tackle them, and face them head-on. >> thank you. >> that is what i'm about. truth and honesty in our policy approached. >> mr. resignato. >> i think one important thing we need to look at is vision. really, you know? a vision for what san francisco is going to be. and i think that involves looking at a lot of different things. one thing that daniel mentioned
% called it for mitt romney. >> california were even more convinced. 56% of those surveyed called the president the clear winner. part of the reason they say the president was engaged and seemed better prepared than before. it was his perform thans that really -- performance that set the tone. >> and very little of what governor romney said was true. >> reporter: and with that we saw a different mr. obama. >> you stood in front of a coal. >> okay. ponented at -- plant and pointed at it and says this plan kills and took pride in shutting it down and now you're a big champion in coal. what i try to do is be pretty consistent. >> have you looked at your pension? >> i don't look at mine. it's not as big as yours. >> reporter: governor romney was clearly prepared and he stayed on message. >> my priority is on jobs. we can't afford four more years like this. >> reporter: what was different in round 2? the tone was often combative. >> i don't believe you're a person who will be pushing for oil and gas and coal. you will get your chance in a moment. that was a statement. >> you said in th
bay area, which will receive $600 million and $500 million for southern california. as you know, the blended service, it would be used for the purpose of building compatible systems for higher speed rail until they were able to get money for the actual high speed rail in those two areas. additionally 1029 created 8.-- sorry, $819 million of prop 1a bond funds for regional and caltrans connectivity projects. $39 million approved by ctc for caltrain and $61 million approved for san francisco muni central subway. this money is moving out of the cdc. they are trying to get that out to everybody. next discussion would be the governor's reorganization plan. we are calling this the governor's reorganization plan part 2. as you know in january the governor launched a reorg plan which introduced how he wanted to reorg some of the agencies. it became effective july 3rd this year. and will become operative in july next year. what will occur, or what has occurred and will continue to is 12 agencies have been reduced to ten agencies. three of those ten agencies have been consolidated with so
for what the course of the criminal rampage that began in irvine, california. he used a firearm to rob to banks in southern california, of threatening to shoot the tellers if they did not comply. gave no consideration to anyone who got in the way of his criminal ambition or effort to escape. as a direct result of his disregard for anyone who might come in to counter with his criminal endeavors, and as well as san francisco police officer lives were jeopardized. the suspect complete disregard for the public put a great risk any person who might inadvertently cross his path, should he escape from the park. searchers got ryan, rubin reyes recognize the danger. even when faced with serious bodily injury or death, these officers remain steadfast and determined to protect not only themselves and one another, but the public at large from the disregard of the fleeing fugitive. sir john ryan, officer lou andrelieu and reyes , when confd with a violent situation, they responded with no were the bravery and poise. they were fully responsible to the danger, but to the rapidly- devolving life-threa
was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. >>> sheriff's deputies in southern california are going door to door telling residents to evacuate their homes, a wildfire started about 8:00 this morning in the painted cave area. about 100 homes are threatened. gusty winds are ma'am perking firefighting efforts and six air tankers are being used to help control the blaze. there's no word of any injuries or damage yet or no word on the cause of the fire. here in the bay area in san jose this morning, smoke killed -- filmed the skies that broke out in the brush after a fire broke out in some brush near a homeless camp. it started just before 8:30 near sky yoty creek in the air grau of -- in the area of wool creek drive. firefighters got the fire under control. no word on what caused the fire. >>> and news chopper 2 got these pictures of another smoky fire
answers about the controversial practice of fracking. >>> i'm live at the california academy sciences on this, the 23rd anniversary of the earthquake. >>> a shake-up ahead for silicon valley as well could change everything. coming up in business. >>> welcome back, everybody. it was 23 years ago today the earthquake left its mark in the bay area. that quake caused more than $6 billion in damage to the bay area. "today in the bay" is live in san francisco where the california academy of science is using a very unique way to remember. >> reporter: it shook the nerves of everyone here in the bay area. the shake house simulator here is out of commission for the next few weeks but they will still be able to show parents and their kids the effects of an earthquake. low mar preyacht that was an magnitude 6 and it wasn't even centered in san francisco, the epicenter was on the mountain in the santa cruz mountains. because the tremor was 11 miles underground, this city wasn't spared. the average depth is about 4 to 6 miles. we all remember a span of the top deck of the bridge came crashing down
series quake because the initial jolt was caught on live tv. this week, california's holding a statewide great shake-out drill. coming up at 5:00, we'll have a live report and take you live to the california academy of science which is commemorating the date in a unique way. >>> disappointing news. sent stocks sliding. for more, we turn to jackie deangela. she's live at cnbc world headquarters. >> the futures are lower this morning most likely, as you said, due to disappointing earnings last night from intel and ibm. also, businesses cutting back on their tech spending. stocks rallying obtuse with the dow posting its biggest game in a month thanks to solid earnings from j & j, united health and coca-cola. markets went up despite the surprise resignation from the citigroup ceo. earnings out this morning from bank of america and pepsico. the dow yesterday closed at 13551. the nasdaq got nearly 37 to 3101. americans may be ready to shop this holiday season but maybe not quite till they drop. the national retail federation saying consumers spend an average of $749, up a little more than 1% f
a su país pronto y recuerden que la fecha limite en california para registrarse para las elecciones presidenciales es el próximo lunes. >> esta propuesta de integrar a la comunidad indocumentada busca dar una identificación a cientos de indocumentados. >> a pesar de que la secretaria dice que no seguirian expandiendo el programa se extendio por 90 días. >> se ha caracterizado porque ha generado diferencias y en nada beneficiaba a la comunidad además generaba desconfianza. su nueva extension esta en 4 estados, maryland, virginia, estos 90 días podrían ser atroces para muchos. >> es demasiado peligro nos pueden cambiar la vida en momentos. >> esto se hizo para evitar peligros terroristas pero se ha utilizado mal >> no discutan con nadie antes de hablar con abogados, siempre con abogado antes de contestar lo que sea,. >> y si bien no nos dieron entrevista nos respondieron que extendieron los 90 días para revisar el plan de acción. >> se propone que los estudiantes paguen antes del ingreso y se esta pidiendo investigación. >> y un hombre esta entre la vida y la muerte en una ba
. >> for verizon wireless in northern california we have two separate offices, we have in walnut creek and also folsom near sacramento. we have another redundancy center in texas. we have it all across our infrastructure and also with our teams. >> thank you. we have one question in the back. >> yes, my question is regarding your ability to bring in repair equipment or crews to make repairs or back-up equipment in case your infrastructure is broken. i know they have that capability but in this area, you know, many roads, bridges would be damaged. do you have your own internal aviation capability or lift capability to bring in those repair equipment and crews or is that something that you would be looking to other organizations to provide that airlift capability? >> start with mr. johnson. >> yeah, we have some limited capability in terms of aircraft and on site helicopters in our outskirting area, but in terms of a major event in the san francisco bay area, we would be heavily focused on those folks who provide that service to us under contract. we do not have our own helicopters in oakla
ncer está robbie draco rosa, dijo que fue sanado gracias a un tratamiento en california, que incluyó transplante de médula osea. >> hay preocupación con espinoza paz, dijo que nada será igual, el portavoz dijo que no ha recibido ninguna información, esperan que todo sea una broma, el sigue bajo contrato y debe lanzar un disco con mariachi. >> podría haber un romance entre ellos. >> nos salió todo lo que hicimos. >> hasta nos desnudamos. >> todo para la nueva novela que protagonizan en méxico, y aseguran que los 2 están solteros sin compromiso. >> lucia mendez presentó los documentos que la liberan de un incumplimento de contrato. >> según las autoridades mexicanas, se desestimó por falta de evidencia. >> para las noticias candentes de hollywood, vamos con las exclusivas. >> hola, los saludo desde hollywood, la revista viene bien cargada, guerra entre 2 premiaciones, una nueva película y como aumenta la popularidad de los hispanos. >> son los nuestros y figuran en "the hollywood reporter" detallan los pasos para garatnizar que nadie ignore a los hispanos, un publico con u
. >> federal court in san francisco took on a case today that could erase part of california landmark 2006 law aimed at reducing green house gas he m dogs 1990 level. the court must decide how far state can go in regulating fuel emission. federal judge has already ruled it unconstitutional. petroleum industry says the rules discriminate against fuel producers from the midwest who don't follow california standards. california officials say the state has the right to regulate fuel that harm the environment. state emission standard will continue in effect until the court of appeals make its ruling. that could take months. >> republicans are calling it shades of solyndra. a 1 2 3 systems lift um battery maker received hundreds of millions of dollars in government support filed for bank situation. mackenzie company received more than 2 by million in state federal funding to help it run its operation providing battery for electric cars and other products. also been plagued by defective product. shares in the company initially sold at 20 dollars yesterday. they were going for just 6 cents.
because texas really recovered. our big focus in california. we teamed up with a great home building team, new home company, larry webb. we're investing with larry with phenomenal new projects in california we're excited about. david: all this would seem in a way to support the president's message that things are getting better, no? >> it is getting better but look how long we've been down and what a terrible low we have been on. this should have come back two to three years, david. it has taken us a long time to come back. a huge amount of pain in the system to bring us back. amazing how you start building again you see problems in the supply chain. in texas we don't have enough labor to build homes. in texas, we build warehouses. we don't have people to build warehouses in texas. we're building warehouses in california. california seems to be a better situation on labor. you will have a lot of interesting problems with the economy as it starts to come back because the supply chain has been really decimated over the past four or five years. david: it has. nice to have problem not enough
impacts are. for 40 years this has been at the core of our land use in california. i think there has also been an increasing recognition in recent years that ceqa serves many important purposes, but at times it goes beyond its intended purpose and has become a tool to obstruct, delay and at times significantly increase the costs of projects, including very, very important public projects. it happened here with the north beach library and bike plan and other projects. there has been dialogue in sacramento and throughout the state about the need to reform ceqa, so it fulfills its purpose without going beyond that purpose and in san francisco the process that we have in our administrative code for ceqa appeals adds to the concerns. i described this at a hearing at booker t. washington as the wild west in san francisco. because we provide very, very loose timelines, in terms of when people can file a ceqa appeal at the board of supervisors, people sometimes file appeals months or years after the department -- the planning department issues a ceqa determination. this legislation will among o
nuevo mÉxico en california estÁn en desacuerdo con lo que comen. >>> y sorpresa en el mundo del arte, porque robaron muchas cosas, nuestro compaÑero nos cuenta. >>> no se puede calcular todavÍa el valor, pero se estima que serÁ de mas de 100 millones de dÓlares. obras de picasso. es importante regresar el video, y aquÍ tratan de ver la reconstrucciÓn del hecho. y bueno, son muchas obras muy valiosas. el sistema de alarmas, que se supone muÑ sofisticado fallÓ. >>> eso es lo mas impresionante, parece el guiÓn de una pelÍcula ¿no? bueno, muchas gracias. y asÍ llegamos al final de est un mas a las once oches y irregularidades. por una serie de viera afectado despÉs que se comunitario de mantener abierto esfuerzos por buenas noches once... resumen completo romney....le republicano mitt obama y el segunda vez el a cara por buenasnese - buenas noches se enfrentaron cara a cara por segunda vez el presidente barack obama y el candidato re >> ah pero maÑana ete espero. >>alarma entonces. >>anda! >> me parte el corazÓn ver a adriano tan enamorado de un espejismo, o sea, de algu
together. >> i think it also needs lucy and ethel on the sidelines. just to throw in a little california in january sounds awfully good to me. >>> so you're watching "the voice." >> this is, again, where they have the sing-offs. we're only going to do two teams today and let you pick. this is team blake, layla versus suzanne that. they are singing "dog days are over" by florence and the machine, but tell me who you like best. ♪ ♪ the dark days are over the dark days are done ♪ ♪ horses are coming so you better run ♪ ♪ run fast for your mother and fast for your father run for your children and your sisters and brothers. leave all your love and longing behind ♪ >> do you pick sara haines or the other girl? >> they are good singers, the first girl has a more distinctive voice. >> that was the one who got selected. sara haines moves on. her name is soouzuzanne that. next one is a great one, this is team christina. this is jocelyn versus sylvia. they are both brunettes and sing a song called "what goes around comes around." >> okay. ♪ 'cause honestly you turned out to be the b
couple of days. certainly the california national guard is represented heavily here. obviously they are going to be the first guys to respond to a disaster and they have several interesting roles not only from a state perspective but as they get federalized or with the dual status commander managing federal response and federal authorities of military authorities flowing in. and most significantly, we're represented today with the commander of northern command, general jackoby. as you know, defense report to civil authorities is not a primary mission area for the department of defense. we have codified it in policy over the years and certainly things have advanced since 9/11 and hurricane katrina, but there has been a real gap in detailed preplanning for emergency response, particularly as it works its way down the chain into the tactical forces that would respond, most specifically i think those on active duty. this is an area that we don't tend to pay a lot of attention to and very often when it comes we tray to look the other way. i believe that we have been reasonably resp
brigade and units through the state of california have that same communication but the iceu, which is a mobile communications platform, is ideal in events like this to push out to help. >> any other questions? >> i have one. back in 1992 when it was a big fire season and there was a lot of grass, they came to us and i was down at camp pendleton and they asked us it train marines on shovel work. what happened about 6 months later, they ended up sending two battalions to yellowstone. i haven't heard any discussion at all, do you expect the military, the guard or the active forces to be training people to do shovel-like work? all you have talked about so far is aviation. >> one of the challenges with a ground-based attack and training a soldier to be a ground-based fire fighter is the training takes time. and it takes approximately 3 to 5 days of solid training to make sure that they are going to be working in a safe environment to learn what's going on. and most of the time that, the incidents in california will become mitigated. now, not to say that we certainly have that as a
. >> that announcement is set for next tuesday at the historic california theater in downtown san jose. >>> bay area is the finalist to hope the super bowl. the 49ers are one of three teams in the running to host the game in 2016 or 2017. if the 9ers win the game would be played at their new $1.2 billion santa clara stadium which is still under construction but will be done in a couple of years. san francisco would host the pre-game festivities, of course. a decision will be made sometime in may. >>> the city of mountain view is blocking a new chik-fil-a restaurant. last night the city council voted 4-2 to deny permission. two different groups had filed objections against an earlier decision to allow the project to go forward. one group cited the fast food chain's sport of anti-gay rights groups. another opposed more drive- throughs like the one chik-fil- a was planning. >>> in today's healthwatch, daily multivitamins may cut the risk of cancer in men. a study finds vitamins lowered the chances of developing the disease by 8%. during the research, male doctors over 50 took the supplements for more t
bats is the former police chief of oakland california. council members want to hear his goals for keeping our city safe and sound. >> comfortable, sunshine and low 60s after a day in the mid-60s. just dropped to 59 in sparrows point. 65 in denton. 63 in gaithersburg. you can see the setup, a few passing clouds. further north and west a significant rain maker that will bring showers, maybe a few thunderstorms tomorrow night and rafael, at least what's left of the hurricane passing offshore. this evening down to the 50s, clear and cool. >> do not call. that's the simple request made by many of you. >> but some of you are still getting the unwanted calls. the problem was, posed back if february. >> reporter: when they first came out with the don't call list, i thought great, get on it. but after years here i'm realizing it don't work. >> reporter: she would hang up her phone if she could but it's tied to her alarm system. >> i have been getting probably around 50 calls a month. >> reporter: many are recorded messages or robocallers. >> most of them are from credit card companies.
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